Cafes, bars & restaurants

from €25/month

Music for business

  • Increase client satisfaction
  • Grow your brand image
  • Elevate sales

Music for Cafes, bars & restaurants

Professional background music playlists that match your brand’s image will fulfill one of the necessary marketing elements to lift your sales.

Modern Cafe

Easy, melodic nu disco, house background for a modern cafe/terrace. 61 hours of music.

Cocktail Bar

Stylish, mid-tempo, house, nu disco playlist for a cocktail bar. 77 hours of music.


The best of classic rock.

Classical Restaurant

Mature jazz, soul, blues music playlist for a classical restaurant.


Music is provided in a modern and convenient
music streaming and advertising platform.
Music & Scheduling

Enjoy the latest tracks from all around the world. Grow your brand image with business-suitable playlists that customers love and connect with.

Ads & Announcements

Increase sales by playing personalized Ads to your customers. Maintain a high standard by streaming announcements and working hours. Your staff will love it.


Manage your business around the world. You decide what music & ads will play in your business location in Dubai, London or New York.


Comprehensive support for music streaming and equipment.

How to play?

Play music, custom ads, announcements and schedule everything for your business needs. It's simple and reliable.

cherry music ios mobile application
Play music, ads, announcements and schedule everything by your business needs. It's simple and reliable. All you need is a web browser on you computer.
It's very convenient to have a dedicated tablet computer playing music from the app, if for any reason you have a poor internet connection, the app will play in offline mode, keeping your music stream running smooth.
Cherry Box
If your sound systems are stored in a server room or you need to prevent access to employee's from changing music, the best option is this dedicated device. It works directly with our servers, all content is stored internally, top level streaming reliability used by banks, casinos, shopping malls, etc.

Cherry Box

Next generation streaming device for business
  • Business operational, built to operate 24/7
  • Automated streaming
  • Prevents employees from switching songs.
  • Can be installed in server rooms
  • Plays from internal memory and uses internet only for the updates.
  • LAN or Wi-Fi connection
Recommended when mobile devices or computers are not an option

Why Cherry music?

In twelve years of experience, Cherry Music has helped businesses grow their sales and brand image by providing various professional music streaming solutions. Join us and boost your business now.


The right choice of music will go a long with the theme of your business. Your clients and employees will enjoy professionally made playlists that meets everyone’s expectations.


There’s so much to say through music, and you definitely want to say it right. When music fits your business theme, it starts to make sense for your clients, then you start to build up your brand image.


One good thing leads to another. With satisfied employees, clients and a built-up brand image takes your business on a path to income growth.

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